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BatchSkeleton: A Windows cmd batch file skeleton (highlighted)

This page shows the BatchSkeleton.bat script. It is part of the Tip: A Windows cmd batch file skeleton.

Here's how a run looks like when no options have been specified:


The help screen (BatchSkeleton --help):

Usage: BatchSkeleton.bat [options]


--help, -h
       this help page

       specify new version as 1.2.3. If left unspecified, the current version is

       do not update the working copy to the latest subversion revision; reduces
 compilation time.

       report the versions of this script and other scripts used.

--quiet, -q
       suppress reporting filenames and number of files processed.

--verbose, -v
       also report paths of intermediate files and number of files processed.

       specify as one of debug, info, warning, error, critical [info].

BatchSkeleton.bat performs the following [describe]

The script.

Page created 19 March 2011