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This site is mainly about software, because that's what I work on. Besides having a strong interest in program design and programming in C++, I also like to use Awk, the KornShell, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and I like to write short manuals and program documentation. Another indication of my interests may show from my books page.


There are two audio-related electronics (hobby) projects on this site. One is a pre-amplifier for a moving-magnet pick-up that has the inverse response of the mechanical resonance of the pick- up element. The other is a three-way motional feedback loudspeaker amplifier with a linear phase filter.


ACCU Conference 2013, 9-13 April Bristol UK (conference page)

Wordle created from conference news.



ACCU Conference 2012, 25-28 April Oxford UK (conference page)

Wordle created from session abstracts.