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Books: reading: Bjarne Stroustrup. The C++ Programming Language 4ed


2D matrix in C++: three ways to allocate memory for a 2-dimensional matrix in C++.
Variant type in C++: class any, a safe, generic container for single values of different value types, adapted for VC6.
Scoped resource in C++: exception-safe acquisition and release of resources in C++.
STL-style circular buffer: Based on the work by Pete Goodliffe.
Windows batch skeleton: a Windows cmd batch skeleton for file processing with logging, persistence and other techniques.
Getting things done in TB2: getting things done using saved searches in Thunderbird 2.
Papers: Several publications


Accu-Bib: Bibliographies of CVu and Overload Journals.
Accu-Web: Bring CVu Journal articles to the intraWeb.
Camera: Computer Aided Measurement Environment for Realtime Atomic imaging.
Sclm: Scanning Confocal LabVIEW Microscope.
Hefa: Helium Fluorescentie & Absorptie.
Rulbus: C, C++ and LabVIEW libraries to use Rulbus modules.
STLSoft: A Getting Started Guide (Draft).
TestDox: A python script to create simple documentation from test case names in C++ (CppUnit, Boost.Test).
Verlof: A Web application to register and present leave information.
WordIndex: A C++ program create a linenumber cross-referenced list of words.
Old project list: Project list from my first Web site.

Hobby elf composities voor trompet en piano: website.
PKN Bloemendaal-Overveen: Design and implementation of a Joomla CMS Website.
MFB Loudspeaker Box: Three-way motional feedback loudspeaker amplifier with linear phase filter.
Pick-up pre-amplifier: Moving magnet pick-up pre-amplifier with inverse response of element resonance
AM-Tuner: Medium wave AM-receiver with station indication (MC6802).
FM-Tuner: FM-receiver with microprocessor control (MC6802).
Photos: Several photo's I made.



Bondwell 12

Schematics: Bondwell 12/14 Schematics.
Peripherals: Bondwell 12/14 Programmable Peripheral I.C.'s.
Virtual Disk: A Virtual-Disk Driver and a 256 kByte Memory Extension.
Keyboard Buffer: A Type Ahead Buffer.
Mode: A Program to Configure the Serial Ports.
ASCII Dump: A Program to Create a Hex and ASCII Dump (written by Toon Moene).


Pal2Abl: Palasm to Abel converter.
Cdir: VAX/VMS Dir for CP/M.
Xref: Create an alphaetical list of words followed by the linenumbers where they occur.


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