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SCLM is the aronym for Scanning Confocal LabVIEW Microscope, the name of a setup to do fluorescence imaging measurements and time-resolved spectroscopy measurements on single-molecules in samples at the Biological Physics department.

Here are original Vision and Scope and Requirements documents of the project.

In 2008 and part of 2009 I was working on a LabVIEW measurement program for above setup. As in the end an important part of the application was taken care of by the PicoQuan SymPhoTime commercial program, the resulting LabVIEW application was much simpler than initially conceived. It now only controls those parts of the setup that are not under control of SymPhoTime.

A separate C++ commandline program (7z archive) was written to convert the time-tagged time-resolved (t3r) spectroscopy data produced by PicoQuant's SymPhoTime program from binary to text.

A Python commandline program (setup program) was written to combine the time-tagged time-resolved (t3r) spectroscopy data (converted to text) with the cyclic voltammetry data produced by the application for the CH Instruments CHI832b potentiostat .

For more information, see the SCLM website.

More about the research can be found at the Experimental & Theoretical Biophysics website.